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Fire/ Smoke detectors
Key Features
  • Stylish low profile design.
  • 360º viewable LED design.
  • Removable detector chamber.
  • Electric Smoke Sensor.
  • Ultra Low Current
  • High Sound Output
  • 3 Tones
  • Volume Control
  • Lockable Base
Access Control System
  SmartXS is compact and robust 'Access and Time Attendance' system. In current scenario where security requirements are becoming stringent, we provide different access control and Identification systems to meet modern security needs. The systems are reliable, robust, easy to install with minimum support
  Key Features :
  • Card User Capacity from 2,000 - 5,000
  • Event Buffer from 6000 – 20,000
  • Door Configuration from Standalone to Multi-door applications
  • User Friendly software with detailed attendance features available for LAN as well as Web-Enabled applications.
  • Supports biometrics / smart card / proximity wiegand readers.
  • HID Compatible (HID PROX 125 KHz and HID iCLASS 13.56 Mhz Smart Card Technology)
  • External Battery backup power supply for adverse power conditions
  • Advanced access control features like Anti-passback, Facility Code, and Time Zones
  • Highly secured, very convenient and reliable at a competitive price.
  • Easy to configure and install
  • Supports biometrics / proximity / smart card wiegand readers.
  • Products Range to support requirements from Small Office to Organizations with Multi-Locations
  • User-friendly Remote Management System
  • Minimum support required

Boom Barrier
Boom Barrier c arrier for small and medium duty application. Good for housing societies, small car park. compatible with remote control, access control reader etc.
Automatic Boom Barriers Our automatic boom barriers provide effective security at the exit and the entry points of factories, office complexes, condominiums, parking lots, toll tax plazas or any road way entry. These product are manufactured using high quality Metal and they are also corrosion resistance.
Blocking Bollards
  Typical application areas for blocking bollards are pedestrian areas, parking lots and access roads. In the extended position both through and parking traffic are reliably held back while pedestrians and cyclist pass unhindered.

All bollard systems are equipped with a hydraulic drive and can be operated as a single or multiple system using a common control device. The blocking width varies depending on the combination of several bollards placed next to each other.
  Options :
  • single or multiple system
  • standard control or automatic control for fully automatic operation
  Accessories :
  • warning lights / lighting
  • security system
Automatic Gate Open

If you are contemplating investing in the latest in electric gates then you have come to the right place, they are an easy way to ensure the security of your premises and can be used for all sizes of properties, from private to commercial. For those of you who find the security of their premises (be it residential or commercial) important, the electric gate option is probably one of the best you could choose.
Door Controllers

COSEC door controller is the front-end terminal people access during entry and exit. Door Controllers read biometric credentials (fingerprint and palm vein) or RF cards to log each entry/exit and control door lock. Door controllers are connected with the COSEC server or site controller. They store all user access information and send entry-exit detail to COSEC server in real time. The COSEC door controllers divided into four series as mentioned below.

Winner of the coveted iF award for its superior design, DOOR series controllers are versatile devices designed for reliability, modularity and performance.

Door Series
Matrix COSEC PATH Series door controllers are specifically designed for access control applications. These compact, robust and cost-effective controllers blend in any modern building architecture and design and assure reliable and long-term performance as sentries at the building gates and doors.
Path Series
COSEC NGT FCX is a futuristic door-controller to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any modern organization for access control and time-attendance applications. It’s touch-sense large display facilitates icon based graphical user interface for time-attendance functions for easy and intuitive user interaction.
Ngt Series
Matrix COSEC VEGA door-controllers are premium devices engineered with careful blend of aesthetics, size, connectivity, reliability and ease-of-use. VEGA series are perfect fit for access control and time-attendance solution for any organization.